Oriental Insects
 An International Journal of Taxonomy and Zoogeography of Insects and Other Land Arthropods of the Old World Tropics
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Back volumes:
Most back volumes (Vols. 1 to 41) are available at current subscription price.  Volumes 1-16 are unbound (published in part 1-4). Volumes 17-41 are hard bound annual volumes. 

Other related series:

Eleven monographs were published during 1972-89.   Price US $ 65.00 each.

  • No. 1. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part I. The Tribe Pimplini (Hymenop-tera: Ichneumonidae). By V. K. Gupta & D. T. Tikar. 1976. 

  • No. 2. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part II. The Tribe Rhyssini (Hymenop-tera: Ichneumonidae). By M. K. Kamath & V. K. Gupta. 1972.

  • No. 3. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part III. The Goryphus-Complex (Hym-e-noptera: Ichneumonidae). By J. K. Jonathan & V. K. Gupta. 1973.

  • No. 4. Studies on Indian Chelonethi (Pseudoscorpionida). By V. A. Murthy & T. N. Ananthakrishnan. 1977.

  • No. 5. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part IV. The Tribe Porizontinae (Hym-e-noptera: Ichneumonidae). By V. K. Gupta & S. Maheshwary. 1977.

  • No. 6. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part VI. The subfamily Agathidinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). By Shama Bhat & V. K. Gupta. 1977.

  • No. 7. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part VII. The Tribes Lissonotini & Banchini (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae). G. Chandra & V. K. Gupta. 1977.

  • No. 8. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part V. The genus Dusona Cameron (Hyme-no-ptera: Ichneumonidae). By M. L. Gupta & V. K. Gupta. 1978.

  • No. 9. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part VIII. The Tribe Phytodietini (Hy-m-enoptera: Ichneumonidae). By Raminder Kaur & J. K. Jonathan. 1979.

  • No. 10. Ichneumonologia Orientalis, Part IX. The Tribe Gabuniini (Hymeno-ptera: Ichneumonidae). By Santosh Gupta & V. K. Gupta. 1983. 

  • No. 11. The Social Wasps of India and Adjacent Countries (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). By Bina Pani Das & Virendra Gupta. 1989.

   See Memoirs on Entomology, International for new volumes.


ORIENTAL INSECTS SUPPLEMENTS Nos. 1-9 (1971-78). Price $30.00 each.  Series now discontinued.

Papers about 50-150 pages long are now published in Contributions on Entomology, International.  Four volumes have been published. Volume 5 is expected to be completed this year. This series will be discontinued after Volume 5.  


Nine supplements published during 1971-78.  Price $ 30.00. 

  • No. 1. Studies on Indian Agromyzidae (Diptera). By Ipe M. Ipe, S. K. Beri & P. K. Garg. 1971.

  • No. 2. Studies on Oriental Pipunculidae (Diptera). By D. Elmo Hardy. 1972.

  • No. 3. The Siphonaptera of the Indian Subregion. Ravi Iyengar. 1973.

  • No. 4. Studies on the Gynaikothrips-Liophlaeothrips-Liothrips Complex from India. By T. N. Ananthakrishnan & N. Muraleedharan. 1974.

  • No. 5. Taxonomic studies on lac insects of India. By R. K. Varshney. 1976.

  • No. 6. Psocoptera of the Oriental Region: A review. By T. R. New. 1977.

  • No. 7. Bruchidae (Coleoptera) of Northwest India. By G. L. Arora. 1977.

  • No. 8. Taxonomy of the Bruchidae (Coleoptera) of Northwest India, Part II. Larvae. By G. L. Arora. 1978. 

  • No. 9. A catalogue of the Ephemeroptera of the Indian Subregion.  By M. D. Hubbard & W. L. Peters.  1978.

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