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Memoirs on Entomology, International
(now discontinued)

Each volume is  priced individually and published as a book-length monograph. Nineteen volumes have been published up to 2004. 

1. PHYLOGENETIC ANALYSIS OF THE MAJOR LINEAGES OF THE CRAMBINAE [SOD WEBWORMS] AND OF THE GENERA OF CRAM-BINI OF NORTH AMERICA (LEPIDOPTERA: PYRALIDAE).  By Bernard Landry. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 1, May 1995. 242 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-056-9. Price US $65.00. 

2. TORYMINAE (HYMENOPTERA: CHALCIDOIDEA: TORYMIDAE): A REDEFINITION, GENERIC CLASSIFICATION, AND ANNOTATED WORLD CATALOG OF SPECIES.   By E. E. Grissell. Memoirs on Entomol-ogy, International, Volume 2, May 1995. 470 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-057-7. Price US $65.00. 

3. ROVE BEETLES OF THE SUBTRIBE PHILONTHINA OF AMERICA NORTH OF MEXICO (COLEOPTERA: STAPHYLINIDAE)  CLASSIFI-CATION, PHYLOGENY AND TAXONOMIC REVISION.  By Aleš Smetana.  Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 3, September 1995. 960 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-058-5.   Price US $125.00. 

4. WORLD CATALOG OF SHORE FLIES (DIPTERA: EPHYDRIDAE).  By Wayne N. Mathis & Tadeusz Zatwarnicki.  Memoirs on Entomology, Inter-national, Vol. 4.  October 1995.  430 pages.  ISBN: 1-56665-059-3.  $65.00. 

5. PARASITIC WASPS OF THE SUBFAMILY EUPELMINAE:  CLASSIFI-CATION AND REVISION OF WORLD GENERA (HYMENOPTERA: CHALCIDOIDEA, EUPELMIDAE).  By Gary A. P. Gibson. Memoirs on En-tomology, International, Volume 5,  December 1995. 430 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-060-7.  Price US $65.00. 

6. THE THRIPS OF CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA: AN INTRODUC-TION (INSECTA: THYSANOPTERA). By Laurence A. Mound & Rita Marullo. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 6, March 1996. 488 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-061-5. Price $75.00. 

7. THE ERIOPHYOID MITES OF CHINA: AN ILLUSTRATED CATALOG AND IDENTIFICATION KEYS (ACARI: PROSTIGMATA: ERIOPHYOI-DEA). By Xiaoyue Hong & Zhi-Qiang Zhang. Memoirs on Entomology, Interna-tional, Volume 7. April 1996. 320 pages. ISBN: 1056665-062-3. Price $65.00. 

8. CATALOGUE OF THE SARCOPHAGIDAE OF THE WORLD (INSECTA: DIPTERA).  By Thomas Pape.  Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 8, July 1996. 560 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-063-1. Price $75.00. 

9. A REVIEW OF THE GENERA OF AUSTRALIAN ENCYRTIDAE (HYMENOP-TERA: CHALCIDOIDEA) DESCRIBED FROM AUSTRALIA BY A. A. GIRAULT WITH A CHECKLIST OF INCLUDED SPECIES.  By Edward Dahms & Gordon Gordh.  Memoirs on Entomology, International, Vol-ume 9, November 1997. 526 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-065-8. Price $75.00. 

10. REVISION OF THE NEARCTIC SPECIES OF THE GENUS LYGUS HAHN, WITH A REVIEW OF THE PALAEARCTIC SPECIES (HETEROPTERA: MIRIDAE). By Michael D. Schwartz & Robert G. Foottit. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 10, January 1998. 440 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-066-6. Price $75.00. 

11. REVISION OF THE PALEARCTIC SPECIES OF APHTHONA CHEVRO-LAT AND CLADISTIC CLASSIFICATION OF THE APHTHONINI (COLEOPTERA: CHRYSOMELIDAE: ALTICINAE). By Alexander S. Kon-stantinov. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 11, July 1998. 448 Pages. ISBN: 1-56665-068-2.  Price $65.00. 

12. A MANUAL OF THE COMMON NORTH AMERICAN SPECIES OF THE AQUATIC LEAFMINING GENUS HYDRELLIA (DIPTERA: EPHYDRI-DAE). By D. L. Deonier. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 12, July 1998. 368 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-069-0. Price $65.00. 
13. APHELINIDAE OF INDIA (HYMENOPTERA: CHALCIDOIDEA): A TAXONOMIC REVISION. By Mohammad Hayat. Memoirs on Entomology, In-ternational, Volume 13, August 1998. 432 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-070-4. Price $65.00. 

14. CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF DIPTERA. A collection of articles commemorating the life and works of Graham B. Fairchild.  Edited by Prof. John F. Burger, University of New Hampshire, USA. Memoirs on Ento-mology, International, Vol. 14, May 1999. 656 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-071-2.  Price $75.00. 

15. 15. BIOLOGY, MORPHOLOGY, AND SYSTEMATICS OF THE ANT-LIKE LITTER BEETLE GENERA OF AUSTRALIA (COLEOPTERA: STAPHYLINIDAE: Pselaphinae). By Donald S. Chandler. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 15, April 2001. 568 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-073-9. Price $80.00.  
    Memoir 15 treats the biology, morphology, and systematics of the Australian ant-like beetle genera and species.  Diagnosis and habitat illustration are provided for each of the 163 genera, together with included species and their distributions. There are 81 new genera and several new species. Several new synonymies, new combinations, and other taxonomic changes have been proposed. There is a comprehensive bibliography and an index to taxa.

16. 16. PHYLOGENETICS AND CLASSIFICATION OF CLEONYMINAE (HYMENOP­TERA: CHALCI­DOIDEA: PTEROMALIDAE). By Gary A. P. Gibson. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Vol. 16, May 2003. 352 pages + all files on a CD in a searchable format. ISBN: 1-56665-075-5. Price $75.00.
    Memoir 16 is on the phylogeny and higher classification of the subfamily Cleonyminae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae). Six tribes and 39 genera are recognized; 1 tribe, 8 genera, 1 subgenus and 9 species are described as new. Separate keys are provided to the tribes, the genera of each tribe, and to the described species or recognized morphospecies of 24 genera. Keys and descriptions are illustrated by 490 scanning electron micrographs. A checklist of described species is given for each genus, comprising 260 valid species and including 51 new or reestablished combinations, one resurrected name, and 4 new synonyms.

17   17. SYSTEMATICS OF COLEOPTERA: PAPERS CELEBRATING THE RETIRE­MENT OF IVAN LÖBL.  By Giulio Cuccorodo & Richard A. B. Leschen (Editors). Memoirs on Entomology, International,  Volume 17,   December 2003.  968 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-077-1. Price $150.00.
    Memoir 17 is a multi-authored volume celebrating the retirement of the eminent entomologist, Ivan Löbl. It is a collection of 22 articles on the systematics, distribution and phylogeny of Coleoptera from all over the world. There are chapters devoted to the career and life of Ivan Löbl, whose interests in beetles and entomology have influenced the works of many entomologists. He left an impressive collection of beetles at the Muséum d’histoire Naturelle in Genève, Switzerland.

\\\\\\\18 CATALOGUE OF THE TACHINIDAE (DIPTERA) OF AMERICA NORTH OF MEXICO.  By James O’Hara & D. Monty Wood.  416 pages. Memoirs on Entomology, International,  Volume 18, January 2004. 416 pages. ISBN: 1-56665-078-X. Price $75.00.
    Memoir 18 is a taxonomic catalogue of the Tachinidae (Diptera) of America north of Mexico. The classification is changed significantly from the last regional Tachinidae catalogue published in 1965 and recognizes 4 subfamilies, 46 tribes, 303 genera and 1345 species. New synonyms, new generic combinations and new records are cited in the introduction and noted in the catalogue. Full nomenclatural information is given for nominal genera and species, including primary type data for the latter.  Updated distributions and provided for valid species. Taxonomic and nomenclatural literature pertaining to taxa at all hierarchial levels from subspecies to subfamily is referenced under valid names. An index to the names listed in the catalogue is included.

      19 PHYLOGENY AND SYSTEMATICS OF THE TREEHOPPER SUBFAMILY CENTROTINAE (HEMIPTERA: MEMBRACIDAE).  By Matthew S. Wallace & Lewis L. Deitz. 390 pages with 166 pages of half-tone illustrations. Memoirs on Entomology, International, Volume 19, May 2004. ISBN: 1-56665-079-8. Price $75.00.
    Memoir 19 treats the phylogeny and systematics of the long neglected treehopper subfamily Centrotinae (Hemiptera: Membracidae).  This work includes: phylogenetic hypotheses used to place 206 of 216 genera into monophyletic tribes; an illustrated tribal key and descriptions for identifying the 23 valid tribes (6 new); and discussions of phylogeny, biogeography, and several life history traits.  The monograph also provides 186 figures illustrating key tribal and generic characteristics (with 1500 individual digital photographs from both light and scanning electron microscopy and line drawings).


Mailing charge (in USA): $5.00 first book; $3.00 each additional book. Foreign: $11.00  EACH BOOK. Usually sent by Global priority Airmail if this facility available for a particular country.
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