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Type: Article
Published: 2024-01-08
Page range: 563-577
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Enneothrips Hood: a Neotropical genus of leaf-feeding thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) with generic diagnosis and four new species

Universidade Federal do Piauí; Campus Amílcar Ferreira Sobral; Coleção de História Natural da UFPI. BR 343; Km 3.5. Floriano; PI; Brazil. 64808-605
United States Department of Agriculture; Animal; Plant; Health Inspection Services; Plant Protection Quarantine; Pest Exclusion and Imports; National Identification Services. 10300 Baltimore Avenue; Beltlsville; MD; USA. 20705
Universidade Federal do Piauí; Campus Amílcar Ferreira Sobral; Coleção de História Natural da UFPI. BR 343; Km 3.5. Floriano; PI; Brazil. 64808-605
Thysanoptera amazon Anaphothrips genus-group peanuts Phytophagous


Enneothrips is a lineage of leaf-feeding thrips conventionally placed in the Anaphothrips genus-group (Thripinae) and exclusively found in the Neotropics. Here we describe E. amazonicus sp. n., E. fulbrightae sp. n. and E. manauara sp. n. from the Brazilian Amazon and E. atlanticus sp. n. from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, together with an illustrated key to all ten species now recognized in the genus.



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