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Editorial team 

Editor, Dr. Tomáš Pánek ( Protista, especially heterotrophic flagellates and amoebae
Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Vinicna 7, Prague 2, 128 00, Czech Republic

Editor, Dr. Laura Roberta Pinto Utz (
Faculdade de Biociências - PUCRS, Av. Ipiranga, 6681, prédio 12, Porto Alegre, RS 90619-900, Brazil

Editor, Dr. Mann Kyoon Shin (
Department of Biological Science, University of Ulsan, Ulsan 44610, Korea

Editor, Prof. Dr. Edson A. Adriano ( Myxozoa
Professor of Parasitology, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Federal University of São Paulo-UNIFESP, Diadema - SP - Brazil.

Protist-related papers (dynamic)

How to view the "by taxa" list:

Go to, Click on "Additional Search Options", put the taxon name in "Keyword(s)" column (e.g. Coleoptera), and choose the publication date range. After that, click on search.

List of Protist related papers published in year 2001 to 2015 are available from here: