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Type: Article
Published: 2024-01-08
Page range: 539-550
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First record of Mythicomyia Coquillett, 1983 from Colombia with description of a new species of Mythicomyia (Heterhybos) Brèthes, 1919 (Diptera: Mythicomyiidae: Mythicomyiinae) and an updated key to South American species

Universidad de la Amazonia; Grupo de Investigación en Entomología Universidad de la Amazonia -GIEUA-; Laboratorio de Entomología -LEUA-; Av. 11 5–69 Juan XXIII; Florencia; Caquetá; Colombia
Universidad de la Amazonia; Grupo de Investigación en Entomología Universidad de la Amazonia -GIEUA-; Laboratorio de Entomología -LEUA-; Av. 11 5–69 Juan XXIII; Florencia; Caquetá; Colombia
J. Linsley Gressitt Center for Research in Entomology; Bishop Museum; 1525 Bernice Street; Honolulu; Hawaii 96817-2704; USA
Diptera Asiloidea biodiversity micro bee flies microbombyliids Neotropical Region taxonomy


Mythicomyia Coquillett (1893) has a disjunct distribution (presence in every biogeographical region with the exception of the Palearctic) and is a poorly studied group in the Neotropical Region, and completely unknown in Colombia. Its subgenus Heterhybos Brèthes has a Nearctic and Neotropical distribution. Of the nine species in the Neotropical Region (in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay), all occur in Chile and only one in Argentina and Uruguay. A new species of Mythicomyia (Heterhybos) is here described from Colombia: Mythicomyia (Heterhybos) bilobata sp. nov. (type-locality: Liborina, La Sucia). Illustrations of the new species, dichotomous key (males and females) and distribution map of the South American species are also presented.



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