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Type: Article
Published: 2023-11-29
Page range: 151-166
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The first cave-dwelling species of Whiteheadiana Perrault, 1994 (Carabidae: Clivinini) from Brazil

Programa de Pós–graduação em Entomologia; Universidade Federal de Lavras; 37203–202; Lavras–MG; Brasil
Centro de Estudos em Biologia Subterrânea; Departamento de Ecologia e Conservação; Universidade Federal de Lavras; Lavras; MG; CEP: 37203–202; Brasil
Departamento de Ciências Florestais; Laboratório de Ecologia Florestal; Universidade Federal de Lavras; 37203–202; Lavras–MG; Brasil
Coleoptera Scaritinae Neotropical fauna caves Clivinina Stratiotes


The new species Whiteheadiana thaisae sp. nov., is described and illustrated. This is the first species of the genus known for Toca do Gonçalo cave, located in Campo Formoso municipality, Bahia state, northeastern Brazil. The new species differs from the other species of the genus by presenting frontal lateral projections two times longer than eyes; frons with two parallel carinae deeply notched near the clypeus, shallow toward the gena, and it is a restricted eventual cave-restricted. Ecological notes about habitat and conservation issues are provided.



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