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Type: Article
Published: 2023-07-26
Page range: 403-412
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Two new species and records of the genus Questa (Annelida: Orbiniidae) from Azores and Canary Islands, Central Atlantic Ocean

Laboratorio de Bentos; Departamento de Biología Animal; Edafología y Geología; Sección de Biología; Facultad de Ciencias; Universidad de La Laguna; 38206 La Laguna; Tenerife; Canary Islands; Spain
Molecular Ecology Group; Water Research Institute; National Research Council of Italy; Largo Tonolli 50; 28922 Verbania; Italy
Annelida Taxonomy identification key biodiversity new species meiofauna


We here report two new species of meiofaunal orbiniids belonging to the genus Questa Hartman, 1966, which have been discovered during benthic surveys conducted around the Azores and the Canary Islands. The new species, Q. manuelgerardi n. sp. and Questa ericnunezi n. sp., are described, figured and discussed in detail. Questa manuelgerardi n. sp., endemic from the Azores, is characterized by the lack of furcate chaetae and branchiae, and by the presence of two pairs of anal cirri. Questa ericnunezi endemic from the Canary Island, is defined by the presence of furcate chaetae, 12–18 pairs of branchiae, and two pairs of anal cirri. In addition, new records of the species Q. caudicirra Hartman, 1966 are provided. An identification key to the 12 known species of Questa is also included.



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