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Type: Article
Published: 2023-07-26
Page range: 373-388
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Notes on Central Asian Furcula with description of a new species

Barvikhinskaya str. 4/2/416; RUS-121596 Moscow; Russia
University of Sciences; Techniques and Technology of Bamako; BP 1805; Bamako; Mali
Nurkamal Zhetikashkaevoi; 1-38; 720039; Bishkek; Kyrgyzstan
University of South Bohemia; České Budějovice; Chech Republic; Institute of Entomology; Biology Centre CAS; České Budějovice; Czech Republic.
Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology Uro RAS; 202 8th March Str.; 620144; Ekaterinburg; Russia
University of Sciences; Techniques and Technology of Bamako; BP 1805 Bamako; Mali; Kuvin Center for the Study of Infectious and Tropical Diseases; Hadassah Medical School; The Hebrew University; Kalman Ya’akov Man St.; 91120 Jerusalem; Israel.
Nature Research Centre; Akademijos str. 2; 08412 Vilnius-21; Lithuania
Altai State University; pr. Lenina 61; Barnaul; RUS-656049; Russia
Lepidoptera aeruginosa Alay range bifida gorbunovi Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan mimonovi petri synonymy terminata tian Shan Uzbekistan


Genitalia of the female holotype of the Central Asian species Furcula terminata (Wiltshire, 1958) (TL: northeastern Afghanistan) were studied for the first time. They showed a clear similarity with the genitalia of Furcula gorbunovi Schintlmeister, 1998 (TL: Gissar Range, Tajikistan) and Furcula mimonovi Schintlmeister, 1998 (TL: Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan). Males of F. terminata from Afghanistan were not found in the collections. However, the specimens from neighboring Tajikistan and topotypes of F. gorbunovi and F. mimonovi were studied and all of them have pointed apex of the costal process of valva specific for the bifida-group, not the furcula-group as suggested previously. Considering the morphological similarity and overlapping distribution areas of the three studied taxa, two new synonyms are established for F. terminata: F. gorbunovi syn. n. and Furcula mimonovi syn. n. The population of Tian Shan and Alay Range in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, previously regarded as F. terminata, are described here as a new species based on differences in the genitalia of both sexes.



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