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Type: Article
Published: 2023-07-21
Page range: 563-570
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Assigning the Australian clam shrimp Eoleptestheria (Branchiopoda: Spinicaudata: Leptestheriidae) to a new species status

Biologia Life Sciences LLP; Ahmednagar; India
Sorbonne Universités; Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle; UCN; UA; CNRS; IRD; Biologie des organismes et écosystèmes aquatiques; BOREA; UMR 8067; CP26 75231; 43 rue Cuvier; 75005; Paris Cedex 05; France
Crustacea Branchiopoda Spinicaudata Leptestheria Australia Africa Eurasia Morphological convergence


We assign the only Australian leptestherid clam shrimp, Eoleptestheria ticinensis (Balsamo-Crivelli, 1859) to a new species status, Leptestheria timmsi sp. nov., based on the latest molecular phylogeny of spinicaudatan clam shrimps from a previous study. We provide a redescription of the species, highlighting morphological details not explored previously for this species. We also present a comparative account of all Eoleptestheria species and populations throughout the world. The head morphology of Leptestheria timmsi sp. nov. overlaps with other populations of Eoleptestheria and a few Leptestheria species. The telsonic and cercopod marginal spines seem to increase in size posteriorly in L. timmsi sp. nov., unlike in many other Eoleptestheria populations.



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