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Type: Article
Published: 2023-05-23
Page range: 541-556
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Rediscovery of Tomosomus Motschulsky, 1855 (Coleoptera: Anthicidae) with redescription of the genus, a new genus-rank synonym, and a key to species

Department of Life Sciences; Natural History Museum; SW7 5BD; London; United Kingdom; Coleopterological Research Center; Institute of Life Sciences and Technology; Daugavpils University; Vienības iela 13; LV-5401; Daugavpils; Latvia; Institute of Biology; University of Latvia; O. Vācieša iela 4; LV-1004; Rīga; Latvia
Zoological Museum; Moscow Lomonosov State University; 2 Bol’shaya Nikitskaya Str.; 125009; Moscow; Russia
Coleoptera Taxonomy morphology Tomoderinae Holcopyge Central and South America


Tomosomus Motschulsky, 1855, an obscure incertae sedis genus of Anthicidae erroneously considered monotypic, was found to be congeneric with the tomoderine genus Holcopyge Champion, 1890. A new genus-rank synonym (Tomosomus Motschulsky = Holcopyge Champion syn. nov.) and two new combinations are proposed for the species hitherto attributed to Holcopyge. Tomosomus subtestaceus Motschulsky, 1855, the type of its genus, is redescribed from rediscovered type material and recently collected specimens. An annotated checklist, key to species and new records of Tomosomus are provided.



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