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Type: Article
Published: 2023-05-04
Page range: 176-188
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The types of Phasmatodea (= Phasmida) deposited in the Eidgenössisches Technisches Hochschulzentrum, Zürich, Switzerland (ETHZ)

Tannenwaldallee 53; 61348 Bad Homburg; Germany.
Am Freischütz 16; 47058 Duisburg; Germany.
Department of Life Sciences; The Natural History Museum; Cromwell Road; London; SW7 5BD; U.K.
Phasmatodea Phasmida stick insects type material catalogue lectotype Eidgenössisches Technisches Hochschulzentrum Zürich ETHZ


Type specimens of 42 taxa of Phasmatodea (including probable type specimens of 14 taxa) have been located in the Eidgenössisches Technisches Hochschulzentrum, Zürich. The species are listed alphabetically, with the number of specimens, sex and locality data. Some minor taxonomic changes are proposed: 1 new combination, 1 revised combination, 2 lectotype designations.



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