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Type: Article
Published: 2023-03-13
Page range: 398-412
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A new species of naked-toed gecko Cyrtopodion sensu lato (Squamata: Sauria: Gekkonidae) from Gujarat, India

1Thackeray Wildlife Foundation, Mumbai, 400051, India.
Thackeray Wildlife Foundation, Mumbai, 400051, India.
3Max Planck Institute for Biology, Max-Planck-Ring 1, Tübingen 72076, Germany.
41-Shashwat Apartment, 23 Anandnagar Society, BPC Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara 390007, Gujarat, India.
Reptilia endemic gekkonid lizard morphology taxonomy Vindhya hills


We describe a new species of naked-toed gecko of the genus Cyrtopodion Fitzinger, 1843, from the Dahod and Panchmahal districts of Gujarat state, India. The new species is diagnosable by the following suite of characters: a medium-sized Cyrtopodion (adult, snout to vent length up to 50 mm); dorsal scalation on trunk granular, intermixed with enlarged, regularly arranged transverse rows of 15 trihedral tubercles; 6 transverse rows of tubercles on the second segment of the tail; midbody scale rows across belly 20–22; midventral scales 89–97; males with a continuous series of 29–33 precloacal-femoral pores. The new species, Cyrtopodion vindhya sp. nov. is the fifth endemic species of reptile described in the last 15 years from the state of Gujarat that highlights the rich and unique diversity of this understudied region.



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