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Published: 2022-11-25

The millipede family Striariidae Bollman, 1893. VII. Petra sierwaldae, n. gen., n. sp., a minute millipede from Idaho, USA (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Striariidae)

Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney VA 23943 USA, current address: 1950 Price Drive, Farmville VA 23901 USA.
Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061 USA.
Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of California Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616 USA.
Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Leibniz Institute for Biodiversity Change, Adenauerallee 160, D-53113 Bonn, Germany
Myriapoda Kootenai County new genus new species Striariinae


Petra sierwaldae, n. gen., n. sp. is described from males and females collected at four localities in Kootenai County, Idaho, USA. The new genus is defined by its unique gonopod and ninth leg anatomy, a notched collum and single ommatidium on each side of the head, and lacking third coxal flasks as well as having modified fifth coxae.



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