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Published: 2022-11-04

A new genus and a new groundhopper species from Nepal (Orthoptera: Tetriginae: Skejotettix netrajyoti gen. et sp. nov.) 

Agriculture and Forestry University, Directorate of Research and Extension, Agriculture Science Center, Ghyalchok, Gorkha, Nepal. SIGTET-Special Interest Group Tetrigidae.
Orthoptera Josip Skejo Himalayas Tetrigidae pygmy grasshopper Hainantettix forest stream


This paper describes one new genus from Nepal, Skejotettix gen. nov., and one new species of this new genus, S. netrajyoti gen. et sp. nov. and assigns one species to this new genus, S. muglingi (Ingrisch, 2001b) comb. nov. from Coptotettix Bolívar, 1887. The genus is morphologically close to Ergatettix Kirby, 1914 from Nepal, Lamellitettigodes Günther, 1939 from SE Asia, and Hainantettix Deng, 2020 (including H. angustivertex (Zha et Peng, 2021) comb. nov. and H.  hainanensis (Liang, 2002) comb. nov.) from Hainan, China. New distribution records have been provided to Coptotettix. Endemic to Nepal, the genus Skejotettix gen. nov. shares two different habitat types (subtropical Sal forest for S. netrajyoti gen. et sp. nov., and river/stream/pond bank for S. muglingi (Ingrisch, 2001b) comb. nov.).  



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