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Type: Article
Published: 2022-10-11
Page range: 125-142
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A new species of bush frog (Anura, Rhacophoridae, Raorchestes) from southern Xizang, China

College of Life Sciences, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang 110034, China 2Faculty of Agriculture, Forest and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
Faculty of Agriculture, Forest and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
Central South Inventory and Planning Institute of National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Changsha 410000, China
College of Life Sciences, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang 110034, China 2Faculty of Agriculture, Forest and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
Faculty of Agriculture, Forest and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
Faculty of Agriculture, Forest and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
College of Life Sciences, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang 110034, China
Faculty of Agriculture, Forest and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
Amphibia Himalayas morphology phylogeny Raorchestes yadongensis sp. nov. taxonomy


Based on molecular evidence and morphological data, we describe a new species Raorchestes yadongensis sp. nov. from Yadong County, Xizang Autonomous Region, China. The new species can be distinguished based on a combination of the following characters: (1) small body size, SVL 17.8–24.1 mm in adult males; (2) head wider than long; (3) eye diameter about three times as much as tympanum diameter; (4) tympanum distinct; (5) fingers with rudimentary webbing and narrow lateral dermal fringes; relative finger lengths I < II < IV < III; number of subarticular tubercles in fingers 1, 1, 2, 1; (6) toes with rudimentary webbing and narrow lateral dermal fringes; relative toe lengths I < II < III < V < IV; number of subarticular tubercles in toes 1, 1, 2, 3, 2; inner metatarsal tubercle distinct, outer metatarsal tubercle absent; (7) tips of fingers and toes present discs, and discs pale brown or yellow in life; (8) tibiotarsal articulation reaching the tip of snout when adpressed; (9) milky nuptial pad present on the dorsal surface of first finger; (10) dorsal surface light brown with white warts, ventral surface with irregular white patches. The new species is currently known in Yadong County, Xizang, China, but may also occur in neighboring Bhutan and India. A key to Chinese species of the genus Raorchestes is also provided.



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