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Type: Article
Published: 2022-02-25
Page range: 291-296
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Phlaeothripidae (Thysanoptera) diversity in Australia, with three new generic records and two new species

Australian National Insect Collection CSIRO, PO Box 1700, Canberra, ACT 2601.
c/o Queensland Primary Industries Insect Collection (QDPC), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland, Ecosciences Precinct, GPO Box 267, Brisbane, Qld, 4001.
Thysanoptera Ponticulothrips Trichinothrips Tylothrips faunal relationships


The genera Ponticulothrips, Trichinothrips and Tylothrips are newly recorded from Australia. Litotetothrips symplocosae sp.n. is described as the fourth species from Australia of this Asian genus, and Ponticulothrips mudloi sp.n. is described as the second known species in this genus that was previously known only from Japan. Trichinothrips and Tylothrips are each represented in Australia by single species, each of which is known from several countries.



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