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Type: Article
Published: 2021-04-27
Page range: 191–200
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The easternmost record of Macratriinae LeConte, 1862 (Coleoptera: Anthicidae), with a new species from Fiji and a genus-rank synonymy in Macratriini LeConte, 1862

Natural History Museum, Department of Life Sciences, Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD, London, United Kingdom. Institute of Biology, University of Latvia, O. Vâcieđa iela 4, LV-1004, Rīga, Latvia 3Coleopterological Research Center, Institute of Life Sciences and Technology, Daugavpils University, Vienîbas iela 13, LV-5401, Daugavpils, Latvia
Coleoptera Macratria Salimuzzamania Thambospasta taxonomy synonymy new species Melanesia Nearctic Region Neotropical Region


The easternmost record of Macratria Newman, 1838 from Fiji is presented, and M. fijiana sp. nov. is described and illustrated. Biogeographical patterns and diversity of Pacific Macratriinae are briefly discussed. Additionally, a new genus rank synonymy in Macratriinae is proposed: Thambospasta Werner, 1974 syn. nov. of Salimuzzamania Abdullah, 1968. New combination is made for Salimuzzamania howdeni (Werner, 1974) comb. nov. (from Thambospasta).



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