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Published: 2021-03-29

Three new species and two new records of Helochares (Hydrobaticus) MacLeay, 1871 from China (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae: Acidocerinae)

CAS Key Laboratory of Forest Ecology and Management, Institute of Applied Ecology, Shenyang 110016, China
CAS Key Laboratory of Forest Ecology and Management, Institute of Applied Ecology, Shenyang 110016, China
Coleoptera water scavenger beetles taxonomy Yunnan Hainan Jiangxi


Helochares (Hydrobaticus) MacLeay, 1871 is the largest subgenus of Helochares Mulsant, 1844. The Chinese fauna of Helochares (Hydrobaticus) is still poorly known. Five species are recognized, including three herein described as new: Helochares (Hydrobaticus) hainanensis sp. n. (Hainan); H. wuzhifengensis sp. n. (Jiangxi); H. tengchongensis sp. n. (Yunnan). Helochares minor d’Orchymont, 1925 and H. nipponicus Hebauer, 1995 are recorded from China for the first time. Descriptions, diagnoses, and illustrations of the new species are given. Habitus and aedeagus photos of the new record species are provided.



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