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Published: 2021-03-26

Oiceoptoma tangi (Coleoptera: Silphidae: Silphinae), a new species of carrion beetle from eastern China

Department of Ecology, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Kamýcká 129, CZ-165 00 Praha—Suchdol, Czech Republic.
Department of Ecology, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Kamýcká 129, CZ-165 00 Praha—Suchdol, Czech Republic.
Kashiwagaya 1112-16, Ebina, 243-0402 Japan.
Husinecká 4, CZ-130 00 Prague 3—Žižkov, Czech Republic.
Coleoptera Silphidae Silphinae Oiceoptoma taxonomy morphology new species description China Palaearctic Region


A new species, Oiceoptoma tangi Sommer, Růžička, Nishikawa & Schneider, new species, from Zhejiang Province, China, is described and illustrated. The new species is closely related to O. subrufum (Lewis, 1888), distributed in Central and North-eastern China, the Korean Peninsula, Far East of Russia and Japan, and to O. nigropunctatum (Lewis, 1888), endemic to Japan. All three species are keyed, and distribution maps of all three species are presented.



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