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Published: 2021-01-06

Rediscovering the poorly-known Neotropical katydid Hyperomerus crassipes Redtenbacher, 1891 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae: Agraeciini): description of male reveals the synonymic status of Uchuca Giglio-Tos, 1898

Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA), Instituto de Ciências Biológicas (ICB), Av. Augusto Correa #1, CEP 66075-110, Belém, PA, Brazil.
Universidade do Estado do Pará (UEPA), Centro de Ciências Sociais e Educação (CCSE), CEP 66113–200, Belém, PA, Brazil.
Orthoptera Amazon rainforest Agraeciini Phallic complex Cone-head katydids


Hyperomerus Redtenbacher is a genus of Neotropical katydid with only one species, H. crassipes. For more than one hundred years, the only specimen known was the female holotype. Now, more three exemplars were found deposited in the Zoological Collection of the Universidade Federal do Amazonas in Brazil, including the unknown male, which reveals the congeneric status with Uchuca Giglio-Tos species and, consequently, this last genus is being made a junior synonym of Hyperomerus. Additionally, H. crassipes is redescribed, and the records of all species now included within the genus Hyperomerus are updated.



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