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Type: Monograph
Published: 2020-03-19
Page range: 1–78
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The millipede family Conotylidae in northwestern North America, with a complete bibliography of the family (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Heterochordeumatidea, Conotyloidea)

Professor Emeritus, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943, present address: 1950 Price Drive, Farmville, VA 23901.
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 1212 Mission Canyon Road Santa Barbara, CA 93105-2126. Email address:
Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University, TAMU 2475, College Station, TX 77843.
Arthropoda new genera new species descriptions California Nevada Oregon Idaho Washington British Columbia Alberta


The center of diversity for the chordeumatidan millipede family Conotylidae is northwestern North America, where five of six subfamilies and ten of fourteen previously described genera occur; in this paper, seven additional new genera and 33 new species from the region are described. New species in the genus Taiyutyla Chamberlin, 1952 are: Taiyutyla tillamook, Taiyutyla acuphora, and Taiyutyla amicitia; in the genus Bollmanella Chamberlin, 1941: Bollmanella bombus, Bollmanella washingtonensis and Bollmanella leonardi; in the genus Brunsonia Loomis & Schmitt, 1971: Brunsonia pulchra, Brunsonia digitata, Brunsonia wenatchee, Brunsonia chelanoparva, Brunsonia chelanomagna, Brunsonia selwayana and Brunsonia benewah. Vancouvereuma n. gen. is described with the type species Taiyutyla shawi Shear 2004. Calityla n. gen. includes the new species Calityla siskiyou, Calityla ubicki, Calityla trinitaria, Calityla essigi, and Calityla humboldtensis. Ovaskella, n. gen. includes the new species Ovaskella ovaskae and Ovaskella sinuosa. Karagama, n. gen. includes the new species Karagama ladybird. Complicatella, n. gen. includes the new species Complicatella pectenifera and Complicatella neili. Bifurcatella n. gen. includes the new species Bifurcatella olympiana, Bifurcatella hoh, Bifurcatella angulata, Bifurcatella pacifica, Bifurcatella germania, Bifurcatella uniclada, Bifurcatella inflata and Bifurcatella hobo. Loomisiella, n. gen. includes the new species Loomisiella evergreen and Loomisiella pylei. New distribution records are provided for numerous previously described species of conotylids. A complete bibliography of the family Conotylidae of the world is also included.



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