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Type: Article
Published: 2019-09-27
Page range: 571–580
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Cave millipedes of the United States. XVI. Two new species from Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon (Chordeumatida, Conotylidae and Caseyidae)

Professor Emeritus, Biology Department, Hampden-Sydney College; current address 1950 Price Drive, Farmville, VA 23901
Burke Museum, University of Washington, Box 353010, Seattle, WA 98195.
Myriapoda Oregon Taiyutyla Opiona new species Siskiyou/Klamath Bioregion


Two new species of millipedes are described from Oregon Caves National Monument, Josephine County, Oregon, USA: Taiyutyla caseophila, n. sp. (Conotylidae), a troglophile; and Opiona catorycha, n. sp. (Caseyidae), a troglobiont found in at least one other cave in the region. We also provide a brief discussion of the invertebrate biodiversity of Oregon Cave.



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