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Type: Article
Published: 2019-09-17
Page range: 195–222
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New genera, new species, and new combinations in new world Cochylina (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Tortricinae)

Department of Entomology, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC 20013-7012, USA
Lepidoptera Cochylidae Euliina monotypic genera nomen nudum Palearctic phylogeny Nearctic


Seven new genera of North American Cochylina are described and illustrated: Anacochylidia Brown, new genus (type species: Anacochylidia maderana Brown, new species); Atroposia Pogue, new genus (type species: Conchylis oenotherana Riley, 1881), resulting in Atroposia oenotherana (Riley), new combination; Cagiva Pogue, new genus (type species: Phalonia cephalanthana Heinrich, 1921), resulting in Cagiva cephalanthana (Heinrich), new combination; Cybilla Pogue, new genus (type species: Phalonia hubbardana Busck, 1907), resulting in Cybilla hubbardana (Busck), new combination; Honca Pogue, new genus (type species: Phalonia grandis Busck, 1907), resulting in Honca grandis (Busck), new combination; Nycthia Pogue, new genus (type species: Phalonia pimana Busck, 1907), resulting in Nycthia pimana (Busck), new combination, and N. yuccatana (Busck, 1907), new combination; and Pogospinia Brown, new genus (type species: Pogospinia floridana Brown, new species), with three new combinations: Pogospinia spinifera (Razowski, 1967), new combination; P. veracruzanus (Razowski and Becker, 1986); new combination, and P. signata (Razowski, 1967), new combination. The Palearctic genus Cochylichroa Obraztsov & Swatschek, 1958, revised status (type species: Eupoecilia atricapitana Stephens, 1852), is redefined based on North American congeners, resulting in the following new combinations: Cochylichroa arthuri (Dang, 1984), new combination; C. atricapitana (Stephens, 1852), revised status; C. aurorana (Kearfott, 1907), new combination; C. avita (Razowski, 1997), new combination; C. foxcana (Kearfott, 1907), new combination; C. hospes (Walsingham, 1884), new combination; C. hoffmanana (Kearfott, 1907), new combination; C. temerana (Busck, 1907), new combination; and C. viscana (Kearfott, 1907), new combination. Monoceratuncus Razowski, 1992, is reported for the first time from the U.S.A. as Monoceratuncus lantana Pogue, new species. Mimcochylis Razowski, 1985, is reported for the first time from the U.S.A. as Mimcochylis fulvotinctana (Walsingham, 1884), new combination and senior synonym of M. planola Razowski, 1985, new synonym. One new species is described in Aethes Billberg, 1820 (i.e., A. triassumenta Pogue, new species), and one new combination (i.e., A. ringsi (Metzler, 2000), new combination, is proposed. Two other new combinations are proposed: Thyraylia wiscana (Kearfott, 1907), new combination, and Eupinivora parotanus (Razowski and Becker, 2010), new combination.



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