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Type: Article
Published: 2019-08-27
Page range: 65–100
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The genus Rhabdomastix Skuse in Australia (Diptera: Tipuloidea: Limoniidae)

Research Associate, Australian Museum Research Institute, 1 Williams Street, Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia and Research Fellow, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Department of Planning and Environment, PO Box 29, Lidcombe, NSW 1825 Australia
Aquatic Sciences, Natural Resources and Heritage, GHD 180 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia and Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution, La Trobe University Bundoora, Vic 3086, Australia
Research Associate, Australian Museum Research Institute Australian Museum, 1 Williams Street, Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia
School of Environmental and Rural Science, University of New England, NSW 2351, Australia
cytochrome oxidase habitat key morphology new species taxonomy Diptera


The crane fly genus Rhabdomastix Skuse, 1890 is briefly introduced, the four species hitherto known from Australia are reviewed. The male of R. tonnoirana Alexander, 1934 and the female of R. wilsoniana Alexander, 1934 are described for the first time and R. minima Alexander, 1926 is considered as nomen dubium. A further eight Australian species are described as new, their affinities and distributions are discussed. They are R. borroloola sp. nov., R. dobrotworskyi sp. nov., R. dooragana sp. nov., R. hirsuta sp. nov., R. nivalis sp. nov., R. ponticulus sp. nov., R. collessiana sp. nov., R. rosae sp. nov.  A key to the males of Australian Rhabdomastix is presented.


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