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Published: 2019-08-12

Leafhopper tribe Coelidiini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Coelidiinae) of the Indian subcontinent

Department of Entomology, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru 560065, India.
Division of Entomology, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110 012.
Hemiptera Host plants distribution keys Auchenorryncha morphology checklist


Genera and species of the tribe Coelidiini from the Indian subcontinent are reviewed. Glaberana Nielson, Webbolidia Nielson and Zhangolidia Nielson are recorded from India for the first time. Twenty-three new species are described and illustrated as follows: Calodia deergha sp. nov. (India: Tamil Nadu), C. keralica sp. nov. (India: Kerala), C. kumari sp. nov. (India: Karnataka), C. neofusca sp. nov. (India: Karnataka, Kerala), C. periyari sp. nov. (India: Kerala), C. tridenta sp. nov. (India: Kerala), Glaberana acuta sp. nov. (India: Meghalaya), G. purva sp. nov. (India: Manipur), Olidiana lanceolata sp. nov. (India: Sikkim), O. flectheri sp. nov. (India: Meghalaya), O. umroensis sp. nov. (India: Meghalaya), O. unidenta sp. nov. (India: Assam, West Bengal), Singillatus parapectitus sp. nov. (India: Arunachal Pradesh), S. serratispatulatus sp. nov. (India: Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram), Trinoridia dialata sp. nov. (India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra), T. ochrocephala sp. nov. (India: Kerala), T. piperica sp. nov. (India: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu), T. ramamurthyi sp. nov. (India:Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra), T. saraikela sp. nov. (India: Jarkhand), T. timlivana sp. nov. (India: Uttarakhand), W. andamana sp. nov. (India: Andaman & Nicobar), W. burmanica sp. nov. (Myanmar: Lashio) and Zhangolidia weicongi sp. nov. (India: Manipur). Olidiana brevis (Walker), O. perculta (Distant) and Trinoridia tripectinata (Nielson) are recorded for the first time from India and also Glaberana khasiensis (Rao) comb. nov. is proposed. Keys to genera and species with a check-list, distribution and host records are included.



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