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Type: Article
Published: 2019-06-26
Page range: 535–544
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A new member of the genus Sinonatrix (Serpentes: Colubridae) from western China

College of Life Sciences and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
College of Life Sciences, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang 550025, China
College of Life Sciences and Food Engineering, Yibin University, Yibin 644007, China
Reptilia Sinonatrix yapingi sp. nov. Natricinae morphology taxonomy


A new member of the natricine snake genus Sinonatrix Rossman & Eberle, 1977 is described from Yunnan Province, southwestern China, based on a single female specimen. The new species, Sinonatrix yapingi sp. nov., is distinguished from its congeners and related species by the following combination of characters: 1) large body size (maximum total length more than 795 mm); 2) dorsal scales in 19-19-17 rows, moderately keeled except outer four; 3) prefrontal single; 4) ventral scales 149, subcaudals 55, paired; 5) cloaca divided; 6) body bands 30; 7) belly milk-white, without speckles or bands; 8) reduction of dorsal scale rows from 19 to 17 anterior to 90th ventral scale; 9) reduction of caudodorsal scale rows from 8 to 6 anterior to 12th subcaudal and from 6 to 4 anterior to 38th subcaudal; 10) postorbital bones not in contact with frontals, with weak parietal ridge; end of supratemporal bones extending beyond braincase; maxillary teeth 25, last two not enlarged; and, dentary teeth 26. In addition, the genetic distances between the new species and other representatives of Sinonatrix ranged from 14.6% to 15.0%.



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