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Type: Article
Published: 2019-06-26
Page range: 401–440
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Revision of the Shore-fly Genera Parahyadina Tonnoir and Malloch and New Zealand Hyadina Haliday (Diptera: Ephydridae)

Department of Entomology, National Museum of Natural History, MRC 169, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20013-7012, USA.
Institute of Biology, Opole University, ul. Oleska 22, 45-052 Opole, Poland.
Diptera Ephydridae Hyadina Parahyadina new species key New Zealand


Two genera of the shore-fly tribe Hyadinini, Hyadina Haliday and Parahyadina Tonnoir & Malloch, are revised, and all species treated, save P. lacustris Tonnoir & Malloch, are described for the first time. The phylogenetic position of both genera within Hyadinini is presented along with confirming, morphological evidence. The New Zealand fauna of Hyadina is now limited to the single new species H. breva, and Parahyadina is expanded from being a monotypic genus based on P. lacustris to also include the following 9 endemic new species: P. angusta, P. atra, P. bifurcata, P. bulla, P. debilis, P. edmistoni, P. hennigi, P. irwini, and P. latistylis. For both genera, emphasis is given to structures of the male terminalia, which are fully illustrated. Detailed locality data and distribution maps for all species are provided, and structures of the male terminalia are fully illustrated. For perspective and to facilitate recognition of genera, the tribe Hyadinini is diagnosed and a key to genera from New Zealand is provided.



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