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Type: Article
Published: 2019-04-16
Page range: 171–179
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Notes on Iniocyphus iheringi Raffray, 1912 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae)

Museum of Entomology, All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center, Pogranichnaya 32, Bykovo 140150, Russia
Muséum d’histoire naturelle, Case Postale 6434, CH-1211Genève 6, Switzerland
Coleoptera taxonomy nomenclature Brazil Goniaceritae type species


The only available specimen of Iniocyphus iheringi Raffray, 1912, type species of the type genus of the tribe Iniocyphini Inyocyphus Raffray, 1912, is redescribed and illustrated in detail. The original spelling of the species epithet iheringi is reinstated over jheringi, which was an incorrect subsequent spelling. The specimen examined is designate as the lectotype.



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