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Type: Article
Published: 2019-03-27
Page range: 334–346
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Miscophus Jurine, 1807 (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae) in Central, Northern, and Eastern Europe

Fischerstr. 1, 10317 Berlin, Germany.
2Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Zoology, Viničná 7, CZ 128 44, Czech Republic.
Hymenoptera Apoidea Crabronidae Miscophus taxonomy Europe new synonymies


Species of the genus Miscophus from Central, Northern, and Eastern Europe are reviewed and a new key to these species is presented. Miscophus cappadocicus de Beaumont, 1967 is given a new status of a valid species (described as a subspecies of Miscophus mavromoustakisi Andrade 1953). New synonyms for Miscophus albufeirae Andrade, 1952 are: Miscophus susterai Balthasar, 1953, M. unigena Balthasar, 1953 and M. albufeirae ssp. anatolicus de Beaumont, 1967. New synonyms for Miscophus insolitus Andrade, 1953 are: Miscophus insulicola Balthasar, 1953, Miscophus percitus Mokrousov, 2004. The following species are new in the fauna of Central Europe: Miscophus albufeirae Andrade, 1952 (Hungary), Miscophus cappadocicus de Beaumont, 1967 (Slovakia, Hungary), Miscophus johni Mokrousov, 2004 (Czech Republic), Miscophus minutus Andrade, 1953 (Hungary).



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