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Type: Article
Published: 2019-03-19
Page range: 51–68
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Description of a new long-tailed skink (Scincidae: Trachylepis) from Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos (CIBIO), InBIO, Universidade do Porto, Rua Padre Armando Quintas 7, Vairão, 4485-661 Porto, Portuga
Museu de História Natural e da Ciência da Universidade do Porto, Praça de Gomes Teixeira, 4099-002 Porto, Portugal Departamento de Zoologia e Antropologia (Museu Bocage), Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Universidade de Lisboa, Rua da Escola Politécnica, 58, 1269-102 Lisboa, Portugal
Department of Biology, Villanova University, 800 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085-1699, USA Instituto Nacional da Biodiversidade e Áreas de Conservação, Ministério do Ambiente de Angola, Centralidade do Kilamba, Rua 26 de Fevereiro, Quarteirão Nimi Ya Lukemi, edifício Q11, 3º andar, Angola
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Rue Vautier 29, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Department of Biology, Villanova University, 800 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085-1699, USA
Reptilia Taxonomy Trachylepis raymondlaurenti sp. nov. Cangandala National Park Upemba National Park Central Africa type-specimens nomenclature


Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are relatively unknown in terms of their herpetological diversity. Based on specimens collected in the Congolese region of the Katanga and the northeast of Angola during the first decades of the twentieth century, de Witte and Laurent independently suggested, based on morphological and coloration differences, that populations of T. megalura of these regions could belong a new “race”. We compared specimens of T. megalura (including the type specimens of T. megalura and T. massaiana) with Angolan and Katangan museum specimens as well as newly collected specimens from Angola. Coloration pattern and morphological characters, in combination with substantial divergence in the 16S mitochondrial gene, confirm the distinctiveness of the west Central African form, and it is here described as a new species. Data regarding its natural history, ecology and global distribution are presented.



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