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Type: Article
Published: 2019-03-04
Page range: 213–247
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Two new apseudomorphan species (Crustacea: Tanaidacea: Metapseudidae) from Mo‘orea Island (Society Islands, French Polynesia) with taxonomic keys 

NSF—CREST Center for the Integrated Study of Coastal Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics in the Mid-Atlantic Region (CISCEP), Department of Natural Sciences, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD 21853, USA.
Department of Coastal Sciences, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Campus, University of Southern Mississippi, Ocean Springs, MS 39564.
Independent, Waikanae, Kāpiti Coast, 5036, New Zealand.
Crustacea Tanaidacea Metapseudidae Apseudomorpha Cryptapseudes Taxonomy Pacific Ocean


Previous information on the taxonomy and distribution of the crustacean order Tanaidacea occurring within the widely-dispersed Polynesian Archipelago has been limited to four nominal species, Apseudes rikiteanus Nobili, Apseudes seurati Nobili, Zeuxo seurati (Nobili) and Tanzanapseudes polynesiensis Müller. Based on specimens collected between 2009 and 2011 from coastal waters of Mo‘orea Island (Society Islands, French Polynesia), two new metapseudid tanaidaceans, Apseudomorpha drummi and Cryptapseudes mamua, are described. Keys to the identification of species currently placed within the genera Apseudomorpha Guţu and Cryptapseudes Băcescu are provided.



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