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Published: 2019-02-22

The genus Metaporcelaimus Lordello, 1965 (Nematoda, Dorylaimida, Aporcelaimidae) in Ukraine. Description of one new and one known species with granulate egg shell

State Museum of Natural History, NASU, Theatralna str. 18, Lviv 79008, Ukraine.
State Museum of Natural History, NASU, Theatralna str. 18, Lviv 79008, Ukraine.
Department of Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden
Nematoda Description Metaporcelaimus ovogranulosus Metaporcelaimus petrophilus sp. n. morphology SEM taxonomy


Two Metaporcelaimus species, one new and one known, are described from Ukraine. Metaporcelaimus petrophilus sp. n. is characterized by its 1.30–1.58 mm long body, lip region offset by deep constriction and 16–18 µm broad, odontostyle 15–17 µm long, neck 360–413 µm long, pharyngeal expansion occupying 47–54% of total neck length, uterus simple and 83–125 µm long or 1.6–2.7 times the corresponding body diameter, uterine eggs with granulate shell, V = 51–55%, tail conical (35–40 µm, c = 33–42, c’ = 1.4–1.8 in females), spicules 43–50 µm long, and 9–13 spaced ventromedian supplements with hiatus. New data, including the first description of male specimens and SEM study, are provided for M. ovogranulosus, the Ukrainian populations of which are nearly identical to the type population from California.



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