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Published: 2019-02-22

Review of the genus Nysius Dallas from Mongolian Plateau (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Orsillidae)

College of Life Sciences, Inner Mongolia University, 24 Zhaojun Road, Hohhot, 010070, China
College of Life Sciences, Inner Mongolia University, 24 Zhaojun Road, Hohhot, 010070, China
Hemiptera Nysius Dallas genitalia key to species distribution maps


The genus Nysius Dallas (1852) from Mongolian Plateau is reviewed. Eight species are now recognized. Nysius ericae groenlandicus (Zetterstedt, 1838), known previously from Inner Mongolia, is referred to Nysius ericae ericae (Schilling, 1829). The paramere, pygophore, sperm reservoir and spermatheca of recorded species are illustrated. The distributional records of Nysius ericae ericae and Nysius thymi thymi (Wolff, 1840) are corrected. Photographs of adults, updated distribution maps and key for all species in Mongolian Plateau are provided.



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