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Type: Article
Published: 2019-01-17
Page range: 293–300
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An atypical new species of Bothryonopa (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Cassidinae, Bothryonopini) from south India

Department of Entomology, Kerala Agricultural University, Vellayani P.O., Trivandrum—695 522, Kerala, India Present address: Government College, Chittur, Palakkad—678104, Kerala, India
Coleoptera Bothryonopa sahyadrica n. sp. Arecaceae Calamus India


Bothryonopa sahyadrica n. sp., an atypical new species of the genus from southern Western Ghats biodiversity hot-spot in India is described and illustrated. The new species lacks ventral spine on all femora, in contrast to majority of the members of the genus, including the type species. Pronotum is anteriorly distinctly narrower than posteriorly with evenly curved anterolateral corners in the new species, while pronotum in the typical species is widest medially and not distinctly narrowed anteriorly. Host plant of B. sahyadrica n. sp. is Calamus gamblei Becc. & Hook. f. (Arecaceae).



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