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Type: Article
Published: 2018-10-31
Page range: 237–248
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A review of the genus Afrasura Durante, 2009 from São Tomé Island with descriptions of a new species and a new subspecies (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae)

Altai State University, Lenina Av. 61, RF-656049, Barnaul, Russia; Tomsk State University, Institute of Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Agriculture and Forestry, Lenina Av., 36, RF-634050, Tomsk, Russia.
The African Natural History Research Trust (ANHRT), Street Court Leominster-Kingsland, HR6 9QA, United Kingdom.
Lepidoptera Lithosiini Nudariina new combination checklist Afrotropics


Present paper contains a review of the lithosiine genus Afrasura Durante, 2009 from São Tomé Island (Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe). One new species, A. pectinatissima Volynkin & László, sp. nov. and one new subspecies, A. discocellularis saotomensis Volynkin & László, ssp. nov. are described. Asura thomensis Rothschild, 1913 is synonymized with Afrasura hieroglyphica (Bethune-Baker, 1911) widely distributed in West Africa. A new combination is established: Afrasura friederikae (Kühne, 2007), comb. nov. Adults, male and female genitalia of all species mentioned are illustrated.



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