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Published: 2018-06-07

Description of the female of Smerkata zolotuhini (Lepidoptera: Endromidae)

Nature Research Centre, Akademijos str., 2, LT-08412, Vilnius-21, Lithuania.
Altai State University, South Siberian Botanical Garden, Lenina Avenue, 61, RF-656049, Barnaul, Russia. Tomsk State University, Institute of Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Agriculture and Forestry, Lenina Avenue, 36, RF-634050, Tomsk, Russia;
Lepidoptera Endromidae


Smerkata Zolotuhin, 2007 has been described as a subgenus of Mustilia Walker, 1865 (Zolotuhin 2007), and recently upgraded to the genus level by Wang et al. (2015). Smerkata zolotuhini (Saldaitis & Ivinskis, 2015) was recently described from western part of Sichuan province of China based on male specimens, as females were unknown at the time (Saldaitis et al. 2015). Recent collecting has provided additional specimens, including females described below.



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SALDAITIS, A., & VOLYNKIN, A. V. (2018). Description of the female of <em>Smerkata</em> <em>zolotuhini</em> (Lepidoptera: Endromidae). Zootaxa, 4429(3), 581–584.