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Type: Article
Published: 2018-03-14
Page range: 383–394
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A new member of the genus Isotomurus from the Kuril Islands (Collembola: Isotomidae): returning to the problem of “colour pattern species”

Moscow State Pedagogical University, Kibalchicha str., 6, korp. 3, Moscow, 129278, Russia.
Musée national d’histoire naturelle, 25 rue Munster, 2160 Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité (ISYEB) UMR 7205 CNRS, MNHN, UPMC, EPHE, Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Sorbonne Universités, 45 rue Buffon, CP50, F75005 Paris, France.
Collembola the Far East hydrophilic colour pattern barcoding taxonomy polymorphism


Colour pattern is the most common character to identify species in several large genera of Collembola. Its use often raises problems due to various and poorly investigated extent of chromatic variability among species. Isotomurus festus sp. nov. is here described from Kunashir Isl. (the Kuriles, the Far East of Russia). The species, a member of the ‘antennalis’ group, is characterized by the lack of trichobothria and slender claws, but is greatly variable in coloration. DNA barcoding (COI) results supports that all the colour forms encountered belong to the same species. While colour pattern has been shown to be the most reliable character for species identification in several Entomobryidae genera, it might not be the case in Isotomurus Börner, 1903, the sole large Isotomidae genus where colour pattern is routinely used for taxonomy.



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