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Published: 2018-03-08

A new genus and species of large-bodied caridean shrimp from the Crozet Islands, Southern Ocean (Crustacea, Decapoda, Lipkiidae) with a checklist of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic shrimps

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Rue Vautier 29, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium.
Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PW, U.K.
Crustacea Fresnerhynchus Lipkius systematics Southern Ocean deep-sea


A new, over 10 cm long, sub-Antarctic shrimp, Fresnerhynchus crozeti n. gen., n. sp. is described based on a unique specimen collected with long lines at 1889 m on the slope of a seamount northwest of the Crozet Islands. It is included in the previously monotypic family Lipkiidae Burukovsky, 2012 based on morphological and molecular data. However, the posterior pereiopods of Fresnerhynchus are reminiscent to those of the Rhynchocinetidae, especially by the short spinose dactyli, and by the absence of a sternal plate. The elusive nature of F. crozeti, which is a large and highly characteristic shrimp, is attributed to its putative habitat (hard bottom, steep deep sea slopes), which is difficult to sample with conventional gear, and the remote geographical location. A brief discussion on the biogeography of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic decapods is provided. A review of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic dendrobranchiate and caridean shrimps is appended.



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