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Published: 2017-11-01

Taxonomic revision of Neotropical Phyllocnistis Zeller, 1848 (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), with descriptions of seven new species and host plant associations

Laboratório de Estudos de Lepidoptera Neotropical, Departamento de Zoologia, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Caixa Postal 19020, 81531-980, Curitiba, PR, Brazil. Departamento de Zoologia, Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Av. Bento Gonçalves 9500, Porto Alegre RS, 91501-970, Brazil.
INRA, UR0633 Zoologie Forestière, Orléans, France. IRBI, UMR 7261, CNRS/Université François-Rabelais de Tours, Tours, France.
Departamento de Genética, Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500, Porto Alegre, RS 91501-970, Brazil. Departamento de Recursos Ambientales, Facultad de Ciencias Agronómicas, Universidad de Tarapacá, Casilla 6-D, Arica, Chile.
Reserva Serra Bonita/Instituto Uiraçú, Camacan, BA, Brazil.
Laboratório de Estudos de Lepidoptera Neotropical, Departamento de Zoologia, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Caixa Postal 19020, 81531-980, Curitiba, PR, Brazil.
Departamento de Zoologia, Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Av. Bento Gonçalves 9500, Porto Alegre RS, 91501-970, Brazil.
Lepidoptera DNA barcoding leaf mines new species Phyllocnistinae South America taxonomy


Until now, 20 species of leaf-mining micromoths of the genus Phyllocnistis Zeller (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) have been known to occur in the Neotropical region. Here we revise the previously known species and describe seven new species: four from French Guiana, P. kawakitai Brito & Lopez-Vaamonde, sp. nov., P. norak Brito & Lopez-Vaamonde, sp. nov., P. ohshimai Brito & Lopez-Vaamonde, sp. nov., P. petronellii Brito & Lopez-Vaamonde, sp. nov.; and, three from Brazil, P. helios Brito & Moreira, sp. nov., P. jupiter Brito & Moreira, sp. nov. and P. xylopiella Brito & Becker, sp. nov. Lectotypes are designated for P. aurilinea Zeller, 1877; P. citrella Stainton, 1856; P. rotans and P. sexangula Meyrick, 1915. Detailed descriptions of the pattern of forewing fasciae are provided for all species. Host plant associations, photographs of adults and illustrations of genitalia, when available, are provided for the described species of Neotropical Phyllocnistis. In addition, DNA barcodes were used for the delimitation of some species.



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