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Type: Article
Published: 2017-05-10
Page range: 567–577
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A new species of Polyipnus (Stomiiformes: Sternoptychidae) from the Western South Pacific

Pacific Community. BP D5, 98848 Nouméa Cedex, New Caledonia.
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Case postale 51, 55, rue Buffon, 75231 Paris cedex 05, France.
College of Charleston 205 Fort Johnson Charleston, SC 29412, USA.
New Caledonia Sternoptychidae Polyipnus laruei hatchetfish taxonomy Pisces Western South Pacific


A new species of marine hatchetfish, Polyipnus laruei sp. nov., is described based on one specimen collected off New Caledonia, in the Western South Pacific. This species is distinguished from the thirty-three known species of Polyipnus by the unique presence of only one OVB photophore. The new species is placed in the P. spinosus species group, characterized by the presence of minute spines on the ventral PV photophore scales and an external multispinate posttemporal process.


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