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Published: 2017-03-13

A new stem-coenagrionoid genus of damselflies (Odonata: Zygoptera) from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber

Universität Hohenheim, Schloss Hohenheim 1, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany.
International Dragonfly Fund e. V., Schulstraße 7b, 54314 Zerf, Germany.
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart, Rosenstein 1, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany.
Odonata damselfly Coenagrionoidea fossil insect Cenomanian


A new genus and species of damselfly, Burmagrion marjanmatoki, gen. et sp. nov., is described from Early Cretaceous Burmese amber. It is attributed to the basal stem group of Coenagrionoidea. The inclusion of five wings from the same species suggests that the amber piece contains the remains of a mating pair of damselflies.



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MÖSTEL, C., SCHORR, M., & BECHLY, G. (2017). A new stem-coenagrionoid genus of damselflies (Odonata: Zygoptera) from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber. Zootaxa, 4243(1), 177–186.