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Type: Article
Published: 2017-02-23
Page range: 521–532
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A morphology based key to the genera of the tribe Nemoriini (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Geometrinae)

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Agronomy and Environmental Sciences, Kreutzwaldi st 5D, Tartu, EE-51014 Estonia.
Lepidoptera taxonomy Neotropical fauna Indo-Australian fauna emerald moths


A diagrammatic key to the genera of the Nemoriini tribe (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) is presented and illustrated. The genera studied exhibit two main character sets, corresponding to the Nemoria lineage and the Phrudocentra lineage. The spatulate type of uncus is associated with multicolor wing markings on both hemispheres. A rod-shaped uncus, often slightly bulbed at its tip, is common in the Neotropics, the genera involved having their wing markings reduced to white lines or brown-grey vein marks on a plain green ground color.



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