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Published: 2017-02-03

Mealybugs (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Pseudococcidae) with oral rim ducts; description of a new genus and species from Turkey, and discussion of their higher classification within the Pseudococcidae

Imamoğlu Vocational School, Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey. Çukurova University Biotechnology Research Centre, Balcalı, Adana, Turkey
Plant Protection Institute, Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.
Hemiptera Humococcus Mirococcopsis mushroom-type tubular duct Pseudococcini Bromusicoccus gulsanae


A new monotypic mealybug genus with oral rim ducts, Bromusicoccus Kaydan gen. n. (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae: Pseudococcinae), is described from Turkey. The higher classification of mealybug genera with oral rim tubular ducts worldwide is discussed and a key is provided to separate them.



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