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Type: Article
Published: 2016-09-22
Page range: 149–158
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Review of the genus Defilippia Lioy (Bombyliidae, Diptera) from Egypt, with description of a new species, new combinations, and a neotype designation for D. pharaonis (Paramonov, 1928)

Entomology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt.
Diptera Exoprosopa Exoprosopinae bee flies taxonomy Defilippia elbayensis sp. nov. Exoprosopa flava stat. rev.


In the present study, five Defilippia species are shown to be represented in Egypt. Two species, D. efflatouni (Bezzi) and D. minos (Meigen), were already included in Defilippia; two species, D. decrepita (Wiedemann), comb. nov., and D. pharaonis (Paramonov), comb. nov., are newly combined to Defilippia; and a new species, D. elbayensis, sp. nov., is described herein. Homeotypes of Exoprosopa flava Paramonov, 1928 and Defilippia decrepita (Wiedemann, 1828), comb. nov. have been examined and it was found that the two species are not synonymous and Exoprosopa flava Paramonov, 1928,  stat. rev. is rather a distinct valid species in its original genus Exoprosopa. A neotype for D. pharaonis (Paramonov, 1928) is designated.



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