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Type: Article
Published: 2016-09-21
Page range: 571–578
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A new species of the genus Corimalia Gozis, 1885 (Coleoptera: Brentidae: Nanophyinae) from the Caucasus

Valdštejnská 2108, CZ-436 01 Litvínov, Czech Republic.
Group Function of Invertebrate and Plant Biodiversity in Agrosystems, Crop Research Institute, Drnovská 507, CZ-161 06 Praha 6 – Ruzyně, Czech Republic.
Coleoptera Brentidae Nanophyinae Corimaliini Corimalia taxonomy new species Russia Caucasus


Corimalia strejceki Schön& Skuhrovec,sp. nov. is described and illustrated from the Caucasus, Russia. The new species is compared with the allopatric C. aliena (Faust, 1890) differing in size, shape of scales, scale patch close to the scutellum, size of mucrones on the meso- and metatibiae, and also shape of the apex of the penis. Controversy over the number of segments in the antennae in the genus Corimalia is summarized. An annotated catalogue and key of all Corimaliini species in the Caucasus is provided.



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