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Type: Correspondence
Published: 2016-06-16
Page range: 146–150
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Morphological clarifications of Australian hylid and limnodynastid tadpoles

School of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle, University Drive, Callaghan NSW 2308, Australia.
Australian Museum Research Institute, Australian Museum, 1 William St, Sydney, NSW, 2010, Australia.
Department of Biological Sciences, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS 39762 U.S.A.


Tadpole morphology usually is consistent within taxa and ecologies (Altig & Johnston 1989), but the occurrences of unique morphologies offer informative perspectives on the potential diversity of these structures. Anstis (2013) characterized most of the tadpoles of Australia, but a thorough understanding of certain morphological features requires closer examinations. Until we understand the morphological features of anuran larvae, and preferably their ontogeny, we cannot productively discuss their evolution or ecological significance.



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