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Type: Article
Published: 2016-05-02
Page range: 277–284
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A review of Gongylonema spp. (Nematoda: Gongylonematidae) in North American rodents with description of a new species from the cotton rat, Sigmodon hispidus (Mammalia: Cricetidae)

HelmWest Laboratory, 2108 Hilda Ave., Missoula, Montana 59801; U.S.A.
Centro de Estudios Parasitológicas y de Vectores (CEPAVE), Bv. 120 e/60 y 64, La Plata (1900), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843-2258; U.S.A.
Gongylonema archboldi. n. sp. Sigmodon hispidus Podomys floridanus Ochrotomys nuttalli Peromyscus gossypinus Peromyscus polionotus Oryzomys palustris cotton rat Nematoda


Gongylonema archboldi n. sp. (Nematoda: Gongylonematidae) is described from tunnels in the gastric mucosa of the stomach of the cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus) from Highlands County, Florida, U.S.A. Measurements are also given for specimens from cotton mice (Peromyscus gossypinus), oldfield mice (Peromyscus polionotus), Florida mice (Podomys floridanus), and golden mice (Ochrotomys nuttalli) from the same locality. Additional specimens were collected from the cotton rat and the rice rat (Oryzomys palustris) from Berry Island, San Patricio County, Texas. The new species is differentiated from congeners by a combination of the following characters: length of the left spicule, length and shape of the gubernaculum, distribution of cuticular bosses, length of esophagus, and distance of the vulva from the posterior end. The status of the genus Gongylonema in North American rodents is reviewed.


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