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Published: 2016-03-17

Checklist of Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Aphelinus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) species from Belgium with respectively four
and three new records

Functional and Evolutionary Entomology, Gembloux Agro–Bio Tech, University of Liège, Passage des Déportés 2, B–5030 Gembloux, Belgium.
Research collaborator for the Functional and Evolutionary Entomology, Gembloux Agro–Bio Tech, University of Liège, Passage des Déportés 2, B–5030 Gembloux, Belgium.
Laboratory of Aphidology, Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Branišovská 31, 37005 České Budějovice, Czech Republic.
Institute of Entomology, Agricultural University of Georgia, Agmashenebeli Alley #240, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Functional and Evolutionary Entomology, Gembloux Agro–Bio Tech, University of Liège, Passage des Déportés 2, B–5030 Gembloux, Belgium. TERRA - AgricultureIsLife, Gembloux Agro–Bio Tech, University of Liège, Passage des Déportés 2, B–5030 Gembloux, Belgium.
Functional and Evolutionary Entomology, Gembloux Agro–Bio Tech, University of Liège, Passage des Déportés 2, B–5030 Gembloux, Belgium.
Hymenoptera aphid parasitoids Ichneumonoidea Aphidius Praon Trioxys Chalcidoidea


Aphid parasitoids have good potential for crop protection. However, they have been poorly studied in Belgium, especially in terms of species diversity. Therefore, the aim of this work was to establish the first checklist for the country. To complete the list, aphid parasitoids were sampled in wheat and pea fields near Gembloux (Belgium), in 2013 and 2014. Among the identified species, Aphelinus asychis Walker, Aphelinus daucicola Kurdjumov, Aphelinus fusciscapus (Förster), Aphidius asteris Haliday, Aphidius eadyi Starý, Gonzalez & Hall, Praon barbatum Mackauer, and Trioxys auctus (Haliday) were recorded for the first time in Belgium. Thirty-two Aphidiinae and seven Aphelinus species were included in the checklist. It is hoped this study will stimulate further research, as species diversity is still low compared with neighbouring countries.



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LOPES, T., LIBERT, P.-N., STARÝ, P., JAPOSHVILI, G., HATT, S., & FRANCIS, F. (2016). Checklist of Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and <em>Aphelinus</em> (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) species from Belgium with respectively four and three new records. Zootaxa, 4092(4), 548–560.