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Published: 2016-02-12

A new species of anguilliform catfish (Actinopterygii: Siluriformes: Bagridae) from Bangladesh and northeastern India

c/o Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, National University of Singapore, 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377.
545 NE Floral Place, Portland, Oregon 97232, USA.
Pisces New fish species Brahmaputra River drainage


We describe Olyra praestigiosa, a new anguilliform bagrid catfish, from the Brahmaputra River drainage in Bangladesh and northeastern India. The new species differs from congeners in having the following unique combination of characters: interorbital distance 30–37% HL; body depth at anus 6–9% SL; length of adipose-fin base 99–16% SL; adipose fin separate from upper principal caudal-fin rays; post-adipose distance 15–18% SL; 17–22 anal-fin rays; caudal peduncle length 14–19% SL; and caudal peduncle depth 6–8% SL.



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