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Published: 2016-01-25

Cephalocteinae Mulsant et Rey, 1866 (Hemiptera, Heteroptera), a subfamily of Cydnidae new for the Italian fauna: first record of Cephalocteus scarabaeoides (Fabricius, 1807) from Sardinia

Via Bainsizza 12, 09123, Cagliari (CA), Italy.
Via Zeffiro 8, 09126, Cagliari (CA), Italy.
Via Madonna di Campiglio 22, 09045, Quartu S.E. (CA), Italy.
Hemiptera new record Cephalocteus scarabaeoides Cephalocteinae Sardinia Italy


Cephalocteus scarabaeoides is recorded from the south-western coast of Sardinia, in sandy habitat (marine dunes near the beach), for the first time. The species and the subfamily are new for the Italian fauna.



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